Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am a star!

I am a star…not the type of star you are used to seeing. I am not famous. I am not popular. I am not the best at anything. I am not the strongest, smartest, richest, best looking, or best dressed. Bit I am a star.
I am a star because I shine. I have turned the switch on, plugged the power source in, turned the brightness up, and I am going to blind people with my light. People will see God through me because he is in me.
I am a star because I am going to talk. I cannot keep it in. I have a message in me that is a burning fire. Mt message gives hope for the hurting, grace to the ungodly and life to the lost. My message is found in the word. My message is in my hand and I am holding it out there for everyone to see, and I will preach until everyone has heard. I will not shut up.
I am a star that is always ready for action. I am not sitting on the shelf. I am not plastered to the pew. I am not saving it for Sundays. I am lighting it up. I am going where He sends, listening to His voice, following His call. I am ready to make ripples in this world. I am ready for action.
I am a star for a reason. I have passion for lost people. I must save them from the fire. I will not let them ponder on possibilities. Death is certain. Heaven is perfect. Hell is pain. Judgment is permanent. I will save my friends, my family, my classmates, and my enemies. I will save the good people and the bad ones, the athletes and the geeks, the prom kings and the street queens. I will love the unlovable, the untouchable and serve the unservable. I will save people from the fire.
I am a star because I have been delivered. My body has been bought. My foul ups have been forgiven and my soul has been sealed. My deliverer is sending me out to deliver a message of deliverance. Therefore I will be a star in the face of fear, in the midst of martyrdom, and in the presence of the principalities of this present world. A star has been born and I am going to shout it out….
I am a star…for the SUPERSTAR!

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