Saturday, November 17, 2007

I must be the worst blogger ever

Sooo....not having a job has really consumed my life for the past few months....but actually it hasn't. I did get a virus on my computer, so using it has been a little difficult. And I have been helping out at my church's preschool to fill the time between job searches. I must say that I love teaching preschool. I taught for quite a few years before I went into the mortgage industry, and I missed it when I was gone. Teaching preschool just fits for me. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher back when I was only 5 years old, I just always envisioned myself teaching high school English...teaching preschool was just supposed to be the temporary stepping stone. But I have been working on my English degree for YEARS now and I still don't have it and it seems that every time I try to start school up again something drastic in my life happens to make going to school impossible. Is God telling me that He doesn't want me there? Who knows? But I definitely feel that he is leading me back to preschool...I have tried to resist it, but I have not had ANY success in getting another job (which is very weird for me, I've never had this problem before) and I'm getting more attached to these kids and their families every day. So, I accepted a full time teacher position. I will be opening a new 3 year old classroom next month...yea! But, that also means that I can't afford the house that I've been living in, so we are also moving. This was a big, difficult decision to make. I've been praying constantly about it, but I've also been making myself sick with stress trying to pay the bills every month. I gave notice without having a place to go to yet....this is my big leap of faith. But I actually feel confident that it will all work out OK, God is not going to let us fall. I just have to pack and clean and move and prepare an empty classroom all at the same time......and all during the Holidays! What timing! Well, I used to think that I worked best and most efficiently under pressure, so here goes!

I expect that I will be more vigilant in posting now that I don't feel like I'm in limbo anymore...I just need to get my computer completely fixed and then we will be good to go!

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